Orthodox Parable and Story

“There was a worthless drunkard, a thief and a bum with impudent eyes. His mother prayed for him day and night with tears. Her son often hurt her, but she trusted in God. He drank her last kopeck, but his mother forgave and bore it all. One day her patience ran out and she cried, “All in vain, no salvation, I can’t pray for him.” And, oblivious to a heavy sleep, she sees Satan sitting on his throne. He shouts, he rages in his anger, he asks the demons angrily: “Why is this alcoholic, hooligan and thief wandering in the world? Why have you not yet brought me this crooked soul?” “The torments of hell have long been ready,” they said, “but the mother’s prayer saves. The powers of darkness are powerless against her.” Suddenly the little demon flies in hastily: “At last the battle is won! Gather for the sinful soul.The mother’s prayer has fallen silent!” The pack of demons with laughter fled away. The mother, awakened, knelt down. “Lord, forgive me this weakness!” And since then the prayer has not been silent.” – Vladimir Artemyev


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