As your religious coordinator, and with the blessing of our spiritual advisor the Very Rev. Fr. David Hovik  and the encouragement of our president Charmaine Darmour, I am starting this blog with the hope that our Lord with His abundant grace guide us all to grow spiritually, and to have a place where we can read Orthodox articles or listen to podcasts relevant to our daily life and struggles, and where we can also comment and know each other on a deeper level.
I will be updating the blog every Sunday and will post a new article (or recorded sermon) written by clergy or laity from Orthodox perspective. There will also be an article every few month, written by one sister from our Antiochian Women’s group, which will discuss a personal story about “how God touches us in our life, and if there were a time where we strongly felt or experienced His presence, love and providence”.  There is no doubt that we all have stories to share and that would be a huge blessing to strengthen each other in our journey of faith, and to support each other. Our beloved Father David is contributing great Church Father quotes from time to time, which will appear on the top of the blog.

Your sister in Christ,
Ramona Blanski
Religious Coordinator, Antiochian Women-Diocese of LA & the West