Prayer List

Let Us Pray Without Ceasing” 

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.  Colossians 4:2Sisterhood of Prayer GraphicIf you would like a Get Well, Thinking of You or Memory Eternal card sent out, please send your request to along with the name and address to whom you want the card sent.


Patti Diaz

Julianne Diaz

Kh. Carla Zell

Anna Younathan

Diana Lindahl

Patty Claypool Hanson

Katie Lapp

Melody Bahu

Samira Sand

Marilyn Juroe

Fr. Thomas Zell

Fr. Wayne Wilson

Tammy Salamone

Kh. Joanna Townsend

Paula Hamma

The Newly Departed (within the last year):

Kh. Mimi Dahdoud, Memory Eternal.

Caren Deeb Kouri ( departed on 6/2/18)

Reham Turk

Doris Holmes     3/12/18

Bernadine Scholl  1/7/18

Nadja Van Zandt 12/26/17

Lillian Meena, December 2017

Very Reverend Emile Hanna 11/29/17

Kh. Lynn Wilson

Olga Azar, 11/17/17

Gladys Khoury 11/8/17

Esma Khoury, 10/31/1

Helen Simon, October 2017

Bishop ANTOUN (Departed on 10/2/17).  Memory Eternal

Kh. Harbeih Harb

Archpriest Joseph Sakkab

Lydia Berbari Najim

Our Diocese Seminarians

Rev. Dn Jeremiah Phillips    — St Andrew – Riverside, CA
Rev. Andrew Honore — St. Barnabas – Costa Mesa, CA
Rev. John Valadez — St. Barnabas — Costa Mesa, CA
Daniel Cripe — St. Timothy – Lompoc, CA
Todd Trembley — St. Paul — Lynwood, WA
Colin Barker —  St. Raphael – Thousand Palms, CA
Jarod Winn —  St. Barnabas — Costa Mesa, CA
Subdeacon Symeon Halsell — St Peter — Pomona, CA
Jesse Robinson — St. Ignatius – Mesa, CA

Subdeacon Christopher Dillion-St. Barnabas-Costa Mesa, CA



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